Subscription Benefits

By Thomas Parrott
Sep 1, 2020 · 343 words · 2 minutes

From the author: A discussion of what the subscription tiers entail, and what you get for your money in general

So, what will your money buy you here?
Well, for starters, I’m looking at this as a tiered subscription situation. Don’t worry, though, it’s really simple:

  • $2 will get you full reading access.
  • $5 will get you the ability to vote on the direction things take (which projects are developed in what order, that kind of thing).
  • $10 will grant you a beatific halo every time I gaze upon you. It will ALSO entitle you to special benefits.
    • You’ll be included in a drawing each month to get to help name/design a minor character in the stories.
    • You’ll be guaranteed an answer on any setting info questions in the comments (even if the answer is the less-than-satisfying ‘you’ll find out in due time!’).
    • Generally speaking, you’ll be on board for anything special that arises.

So, I said ‘full reading access’ earlier. What does that entail?

At the most basic level, I promise a new ~5000 word story every month. You will get that for every month you subscribe, guaranteed.

But I’m also approaching this from a crowdfunding point of view. In essence, you are collectively my employers if you’re subscribed here, and you deserve the same consideration any other employer receives. That means as the collective buy-in increases, so will what I’m promising to provide.

This isn’t a matter of some hidden calculations that you’ll have to take my word for. My usual rate is 8c a word. Curious Fictions takes 25% off the top of payments for their own upkeep. That means for me to get 8c, you have to pay 10.6̅6̅c. I’m already promising you 5000 words a month, so that’s $533.33. For every $106.66 paid in beyond that, you will receive an extra thousand words each month.

To put it very simply, the more people who subscribe and the more money they pay, the more -everyone- subscribed gets in return.

And that’s it! If you have any questions or concerns about how all this works, let me know in the comments.

Thomas Parrott

Tom is creating SFF genre fiction, with just a little audience participation for that extra spice.