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Rich Horton's review of my most recent story

By Graham Robert Scott
Jun 18, 2020 · 184 words · 1 minute

From the author: News: Recent Locus review of our short story, "A Parable of Things that Crawl and Fly"

I'm still pretty much an unknown in the story marketplace.

And yeah, this is going to be a humblebrag. That was the humble part.

In January, Pulp Literature published an indigenous sci-fi story I'd coauthored with Wallace Cleaves, titled "A Parable of Things that Crawl and Fly," about the lost past and lost futures of members of the Tongva tribe in Southern California. (I'm not indigenous; Wallace is.) It wades into heavy stuff: social stratification, labor and gig economics, the sometimes conflicting responsibilities of people living within endangered cultures. You can find the opening scene of the story here.

And because both of us are pretty much nobodies in literary circles, we were a bit surprised when Rich Horton, reviewing for Locus, not only mentioned the story in his recent rundown, but spent a whole paragraph on it and recommended it to readers.

So now we're quite chuffed, as you might imagine.

Oh, and we're working on a new story. I took the lead on the last one, so Wallace is taking the lead on this one. 

Graham Robert Scott

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