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Good News for Subscribers and Regular Readers

By James Van Pelt
May 22, 2020 · 265 words · 1 minute

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From the author: Subscribers will continue to receive all James Van Pelt content for free. Stories included in THE BEST OF JAMES VAN PELT, coming in the fall, will cost $1.00 for non-subscribers.

For my subscribers, all of my Curious Fictions stories will continue to be free.

For everyone else, the stories that are not appearing in the upcoming collection, The Best of James Van Pelt, will also still be free to read.

Stories included in the upcoming collection will now cost $1.00 for non-subscribers.

I have been adding a story or post almost every week since I started with Curious Fictions in Sept. of 2018. During that time all the content has been free. I've been gratified by the number of views of the stories (over 24,000 as I write this). The tips and subscriptions are also deeply appreciated.

Hopefully folks will be interested enough in my fiction that will be included in The Best of James Van Pelt to pay the minimal $1.00 fee per story or to subscribe to the content regularly occurring here. Better yet, they buy the collection when it comes out in the fall. Right now, pre-sales for a 200-copy, limited edition, signed and numbered, hard-bound version for the book are available at Fairwood Press.

Giving away fiction for tips is a little like being a busker, playing music on the sidewalk with a guitar case open on the sidewalk, hoping that the music will stop the passing pedestrians, and that some will drop a dollar into the guitar case.

When I stop to listen and enjoy what I'm hearing, I always pay. Artists deserve support. 

I hope the rest of you believe that too.

P.S. If you have a thought about this experiment in pricing, please leave it below.

James Van Pelt

An interviewer asked the author if he wanted to be the next Stephen King: he said, "No, I want to be the first James Van Pelt."