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March Update

By Andi C. Buchanan
Mar 24, 2020 · 331 words · 2 minutes

A Cool Cosplay Of An Black-Plague-Doctor With Smoke!

Photo by Kuma Kum via Unsplash.

March 2020 is a surreal place to be. From tomorrow night, the country is essentially on lock down for four weeks. We'll be able to go for solo walks, and to get essential groceries and medical supplies but not really anything else. A lot events I was planning to go to have been cancelled. We're reasonably well set up and supplied for this and have been making sure we have the essentials. It's set to last at least four weeks at this level of restriction, but won't be back to normal any time soon.

This has of course affected my writing. I'm not quite where I hoped to be with my Norse Mythology book (that still doesn't have a title). It's inevitable - I've been writing long enough that I know my patterns, and that writing the first third is by far the easiest for me. I'm not one of those people who has trouble getting started or thinking of ideas. But pushing through the twistier threads of plot... that I find more difficult.

I've made a decision for the next little while to keep my wordcount goals, but to work on whichever project my brain can handle best. Mostly, that's been a fun contemporary fantasy secret project I've been working on with friends. While I can't say too much about it just yet, it's heaps of fun and just what I need right now.

In writing adjacent news, I finished finalising my Hugo nominations. I didn't nominate in every category - I'm just not a graphic novel reader, for example - but I'm really happy that I could put together a list of some really awesome 2019 works, and I'm excited about seeing the final ballot (and probably reading some more before I cast my vote). I now need to finish off my Sir Julius Vogel award nominations before the end of the month.

I hope everyone is keeping well - I'll be bringing you an update from lockdown next month.

Andi C. Buchanan

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