birds poem


By Alex Jennings
Feb 22, 2020 · 148 words · 1 minute

Flying birds

Photo by Mehdi Sepehri via Unsplash.

From the author: One of my deepest fears as a little boy was opening my mouth to speak and having a flock of birds pour out instead. I think this is related somehow to that nursery rhyme about "four and twenty blackbirds." I'm not sure.

they are dinosaurs

you know


so twitchy

because they lived


through this cataclysm



watch with that eye

then this one

they know

to flee


they remember

they remember


post trauma

tic bird


tee hee hee


                                                turn around

                                                turn around, please


when she did

her dark face slashed with orange

eyes black and empty pools

i would fall and fall

flightless into--


you fear them

because you can see

they’re mad


black eyes brim with unreason

and memory.



a crowding

in my throat.

scores of feathered bodies


then out

and out

and out

to fill the air.


what was once a cage

for my heart

has become home

to bodies and bodies

and I

still alive know well

god no god




they remember.

they remember.

and scream their songs.

Alex Jennings

Alex Jennings is creating Afropunk fantasy, horror, Afrofuturist science fiction, poetry, and scripts.