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All reprints: posted!

By KJ Kabza
Feb 29, 2020 · 247 words · 1 minute

From the author: My entire oeuvre (so far!) is now up on Curious Fictions, and now's the best time to subscribe: burn through my entire back catalog for just $2.

All my previously published work has now been posted here on Curious Fictions--89 stories written and (originally) published across 18 years--and it's ready for your impassioned binge-reading.

For those who want the biggest bang for your buck, now is the best time to subscribe to me as an author. You'll get full access to my entire back catalog of fiction--mostly fantasy and science fiction, with some horror, literary fiction, and erotica--and you can cancel your subscription as soon as you've burned through it all. This means, if you're a fast reader, that you could read my entire oeuvre for $2.

And even more stories are in the works! I'll be posting a couple more this October, once I get the reprint rights back to them, along with any other short fiction of mine that gets published going forward--including the pieces that will appear for the first time in my forthcoming third omnibus collection.

As always, you also have the option of buying my individual stories here at Curious Fictions à la carte, usually for $1 each, if you only want to read particular stories that aren't online somewhere for free. (An index of my free fiction is at And as always, you can buy swaths of my past work for a set price by purchasing my collections. (For a title list, see

Thanks for sticking with me on this Curious Fictions journey--it'll be weird to not post something every week anymore!--and thanks for reading.