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Updates and Puppies Playing Air Soccer

By Novae Caelum
Feb 21, 2020 · 429 words · 2 minutes

From the author: Update on stories, health, and my very cute puppy.

Hi everyone,

Thank you SO MUCH to my subscriber folks who've stuck with me through the last few months of not posting. I'm still very much working through the intense parts of a chronic illness, and writing has had to take a rest with much of everything else in life. But, I have a favorite story that just got out of exclusivity, and wanted to share that with you as an extra special thank you! Truly, your support's helped keep my spirits up in a very tough time, and has helped make ends meet as well. Thank you!

I moved recently to get to a better situation for my health, and that's already starting to show some improvements. Environment's not always the whole picture, but it's an important part. And I got my printer up and running and dashed off a full copy of Magnificent. I can't honestly say when it'll be finished, when I'll be able to post that (as of the moment) mythical unicorn last chapter, but it's been bouncing around in my head again, how I want it to go. My head now has enough space for it to bounce around in. Hopefully, you'll find the eventual last chapter worth the patience! But thank you, in any case, for your patience. 

It's hard to write about a character going through the intensities of anything when your life is so completely intense, like a balloon already filled to bursting and you dare not put in one more puff of air. Sometimes, intensity creates a gush of creativity for me, my brain rushing to get out everything it's been filled with, but this time, a year and a half's worth of prolonged intensity and illness has left me profoundly exhausted. It might be a while before I'm writing or posting again with any sort of regularity. I think I'll get there again. But it will take time.

In the meantime, I'm poking at what I can, and posting when I can. And enjoying the sunshine and happy snuggles with my Boston/Beagle who loves to roll on the carpet and growly growl while playing air soccer with her back legs (I swear she's doing it right now). And maybe it's good to slow down, to need to slow down and enjoy these moments. 

I'm going to go play with my puppy. And maybe daydream a little. And let myself heal some more.

I'll most certainly be around, and as always, thanks for reading! Thanks for listening, and thanks for dreaming with me. The journey, not the destination, right?


Novae Caelum

Novae Caelum writes about things strange, beautiful, and queer. New works posted monthly.

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  • maybefriday
    February 26, 11:06pm

    Novae! It’s great to see you again. I’m sorry you’ve been through so much, but glad to hear some space for stories is coming back. <3