Serial Options

By Marie Vibbert
Dec 24, 2019 · 166 words · 1 minute

Hello darlings!  Believe it or not, "Vampires Vs. Maturity" is nearing its end.  When the last piece is posted, I'll leave it up a month so everyone can read, and then I'll take the whole thing down so I can re-post it more neatly.

Before I take it down, I'll start a new serial.

Here are your options for a serial:

1. Quixote Ugly -- a grad student driven crazy by reading too much urban fantasy decides she is a paranormal investigator.  This has a complete draft.

2. Mot the Stupid -- medievalist earth colonists breed half-alien soldiers to fight the natives on their planet - a sort of sci fi analog to Tolkein's orcs.  I wanted to write orcs.  This had one complete draft and is half-way through being re-written. 

3. The continuing adventures of Celeste and Kent, time-traveling killer robots.  I have a series of small stories and could probably have fun serializing this.

Comment! Let me know which you'd rather read!

Marie Vibbert

Snarky stories with robots, space ships, and blue collar sensibilities.

  • Karin E S
    December 24, 9:09pm

    Quixote Ugly is SUCH a good title...but it might be too close to Vampires vs. Maturity if you want a break from vampires and werewolves? I think I vote for Celeste & Kent, that sounds fun. I know you published something about them recently but I have not read it.



  • Darrin B
    December 28, 9:27pm

    Leaning the most towards #1, but that's probably just my own desire for meta-subversive trope-snarking. #2 is tempting because it might stray into more orc-porn. For #3, I like the idea of short serials, but not quite sure where it would lead. Actually, now that I think about it... what if P.I. from #1 runs into Celeste/Kent from #3?



    • Marie Vibbert
      January 10, 9:30pm

      Darrin, you give me so many of my best ideas!! :)