5 Excellent Horror Stories to Read on Halloween

By Curious Fictions
Nov 2, 2019 · 198 words · 1 minute

I Am Become

Photo by Scott Rodgerson via Unsplash.

It’s Halloween, which means it’s the perfect night for a ghost story (or two or five). Enjoy these new and notable creepy stories on Curious Fictions!

H.L. Fullerton
When a missing boy returns home, his parents are overwhelmed with joy. But something about him just isn’t quite right.

James Van Pelt
Picking on the new girl in school may have unintended consequences... especially when your town has a history of axe murderers.

Pranks (free)
Stephen R. Stanley
Death is no obstacle to one family's determination to have the most terrifying Halloween decor in the neighborhood.

Maria Haskins
A woman heads out of town for a business trip, just like any other. So why can’t she remember getting on the train?

Ghost Patrol ($1.00)
Curtis C. Chen
An atheist who sees ghosts is an unlikely candidate for the Ghost division. But she may be the only one who can solve an unusual murder.

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