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About "Mars Needs Martians."

By Alex Isle
Oct 31, 2019 · 181 words · 1 minute

Is there cell reception in space?

Photo by Joey Csunyo via Unsplash.

From the author: A summary and discussion of how my story "Mars Needs Martians" came to be.

This story is one of my more recent, meaning it was published in 2013 rather than being one of my Stone Age era works.  It had a different title, Mars Peacemaker, but I decided this title made more sense.

Since it's fairly recent and I'm still happy with it and not wincing as I see what the Suck Fairy of time has done to it, I decided to see whether putting a small fee on it would help me at all!  Subscribers free, of course.  I appreciate you immensely and you're the reason I still have a book budget.

I work as a court transcriber and so have heard many, many stories out of different courtrooms.   The Family Court case presented here is fictional, of course, and draws from years of listening.  How could people manage across distances not only of countries but worlds?  And what kind of children could grow up to live and work in space and on a "frontier planet" such as Mars, our nearest neighbour.  This story is the result of my speculations on these things.