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Handmade Rebellion: Dispatches from Zine Fest Houston and Women’s Radicalism

By Holly Lyn Walrath
Oct 31, 2019 · 1,076 words · 4 minutes

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Art by Holly Walrath.  

From the author: In which I explain what a zine is, give a history of zines, and discuss Zine Fest Houston

BECAUSE we girls want to create mediums that speak to US. We are tired of boy band after boy band, boy zine after boy zine, boy punk after boy punk after boy...
“BECAUSE in every form of media I see us/myself slapped, decapitated, laughed at, trivialized, pushed, ignored, stereotyped, kicked, scorned, molested, silenced, invalidated, knifed, shot, choked, and killed…
BECAUSE every time we pick up a pen, or an instrument, or get anything done, we are creating the revolution. We ARE the...
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