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About "The Memory of Touch"

By Barbara Krasnoff
Oct 22, 2019 · 167 words · 1 minute

From the author: How I came to write the short story "A Memory of Touch"

"The Memory of Touch" was published in Cosmos, a magazine of science and science fiction. It was not written for the publication, but it and Cosmos turned out to be a perfect match.

The story behind the story: I enjoy science fiction about aliens, but I've often felt that the aliens that are featured in many stories, as fun as they were, weren't quite alien enough to suit me. Anyone who has studied some of the weirder animals that inhabit our own planet will readily understand how too-human many of the alien life forms in stories are. 

Thinking about that also led me to wonder what the effect meeting some of these aliens might be -- especially if the very nearness of the aliens are toxic. What physical or psychological effect might it have? That is what eventually led to "The Memory of Touch."

There's actually not much more to tell. Except that, no surprise, I am a bird watcher.

Barbara Krasnoff

Writer of weird speculative short stories.