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Song of the Terror of Red Plague: A Warning

By Jordan Kurella
Sep 12, 2019 · 233 words · 1 minute

Photo by Florian Rieder via Unsplash.

From the author: This is a piece of raffle fanfiction poetry I wrote for Brodsky the Redplague. I'm posting it here cause I thought it turned out decently, and I thought peeps might like to read it.

What goes there?

More idea than man?

A spectre in the night

Trailing shadows by day

With a footstep so light


The Red Plague they called him

So they said, once a time

Beard stained so red

With his fingers so fine


Hush now,

Or he will take you

So quiet in the night

His robe thick with blight

So shutter your windows

And hold yourself tight


Or so the tales said


The Red Plague will find you

His face a blank mask

Porcelain, white 

Which hide the task


Of the red ruby eyes

Precious with shine

To capture your heart

Precious and mine

Yes, it is I, the Red Plague

Who sing you this song

Walk with me, here

Take my hand, come along 


Soon you will know 

The path of my Red Plague

The way of my mask


I speak of no burden

Only a task 

We must take

For the strength of each other


For the strength of ourselves

So hold my hand now

Don’t linger

Don’t break


Follow me, follow

To the Keep we must go

And with the touch of death’s finger


We’ll walk to his door

Then beyond to the waking

So to open your eyes


The dream’s just abating

Of life, left behind

So my dear welcome, welcome

There is so much to know

Jordan Kurella

A Jordan Kurella story is weirder than it looks.