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Update on Posting Schedule

By Novae Caelum
Aug 14, 2019 · 356 words · 2 minutes

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From the author: New posting schedule, and updates on Magnificent and Bone-white Wings, the sequel to Good King Lyr.

Hi everyone!

I've had a goal of posting something every week for the last few months and I absolutely love doing that, getting new work out there, seeing my new and favorite (and new favorite!) things being read. Thank you so much for reading and continuing to shower the love on these stories! That just makes me happy.

I've been dealing with a very intense chronic illness, though, and finding I need to scale back a bit on my posting schedule, especially now and the next few months. From here out, I'll be aiming to post something new--a new story, or a new part to an ongoing series--every two weeks, but if I have the health/stamina/intelligence/luck points on what might normally be an off week, I'll post more often if I can!

Self care, always, comes first. And because a lot of the work I've been posting is either newly written as I go, or being edited/revised as I go, I want to be sure I get my best work out there. Quality of work and quantity of heart is so important to me. You and I both deserve my best work.

So for this week, I unfortunately need to skip the next installment of Magnificent, but I'll aim to have that up next week, and then the last (!!!) part in the epic conclusion two weeks after that. Or possibly sooner! But, let's call it two weeks just to be sure. 

And an update on Bone-white Wings, the sequel to Good King Lyr: I'm about halfway through my second-pass edits on this book and oh goodness, I can't wait to share it with you all! I don't yet have an ETA on when I'll start posting, but it's in progress and I'll let you know more when I have a better idea on that. But it's coming! And I so can't wait for when I can share the continued adventures of Anais and Barenin with you all. And THANK YOU all for zipping Good King Lyr right past 1000 reads last week!

That's all for this update, and I'll keep you all posted! 

~Holly Caelum

Novae Caelum

Novae Caelum writes about things strange, beautiful, and queer. New works posted bi-weekly.