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Reprint for July: "Laddie Come Home"

By Curtis C. Chen
Jul 9, 2019 · 144 words · 1 minute

Photo by Chloe Evans via Unsplash.

From the author: This month, a trip to Indonesia with a talking computer!

Hello peril subscribers! Here's your reprint read this month: "Laddie Come Home" (If you're not a subscriber, you can pay per story, but your monthly support would be appreciated)!

This story was originally published in the 2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide. I believe I first wrote it in early 2014 for my Clarion UCSD application, which was rejected. (I was accepted to--and attended!--Clarion West that year, but that's another story, literally.) It then went to eight other markets over the next two years before finding a home at YEAG.

I don't recall why exactly I chose to set this story in Indonesia--I may have just seen a documentary about that part of the world--but I was ultimately happy that I got to tell a story featuring mostly non-white people living outside of North America.

Curtis C. Chen

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