Recent Story Roundup, What's Next for My Serial Novels, and a Note on Creative Commons

By Novae Caelum
May 19, 2019 · 800 words · 3 minutes

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From the author: A quick intro of my work, why a bunch of my stories are released in Creative Commons (and why that's awesome), what's happening next with my serial novels posted here, and where to read new stories I have out in other places. Basically: all the things!

I've been on Curious Fictions for a while but never got around to writing an intro! My profile says most of it: I'm a non-binary, genderfluid author and artist who writes a lot of ownvoices work and loves writing about intricate, strange, and beautiful worlds. And secret identities. There are lots of secret identities!

I release a lot of my stories and serial novels in Creative Commons CC-BY-SA, and I've updated all my stories here to show which are in this license. If you're not familiar with Creative Commons licenses, that means you may freely read, share, redistribute, adapt, and remix works released in this license, even commercially, as long as you credit me as the original creator, list any changes you've made, and release any derivative works under the same license. You can share a story you love on your own blog. Or take a story that sparks your interest and make something new. Or adapt something fantasy into steampunk or vice versa. Or spin it off into a ten-book epic and sell it on Amazon. Or translate it into Klingon. Or adapt it into an audio drama and make your Patreon fans happy. Yes, really! 

I've spent the last few years making my living as a freelance artist, and one of the biggest things that's taught me is how much I love, so very much I love, when people open up their work to be used and shared by everyone. Suddenly the barriers (and there are many licensing barriers in the art world) fall away, and creativity can be made! I also care deeply about my ownvoices work reaching as many people as possible, with little or no price barriers in the way. I feel deeply that stories from the perspective of people with lived experience need to be shared and accessible.

I also believe in getting paid for your work! Which is why I truly love Curious Fictions, and every bit of support here helps me bring more free and re-mixable stories and novels straight to the masses.

Many (though not all) of my stories on Curious Fictions are in a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license--these will state it clearly at the beginning of the story, with a link to the license terms for clarity. If a story doesn't state it's in Creative Commons, I haven't released it yet in that license. Any of my art or other photos associated with these stories are almost always not in Creative Commons (although Unsplash has a license similar to CC-0), so if you do share, adapt, or remix, please don't reuse the art unless you know you have the rights to do so. If you do make something new and post or publish it anywhere, please let me know! I'd love to see it and share it, too.

A quick roundup of serials in progress and serials to come:

Right now, I'm just over half way through posting Good King Lyr, my ownvoices genderfluid space heist romance (which is now happily arranged as a series!), with four parts to go, so that will wrap up in about a month. I'm working on the sequel, which I'm hoping to serialize on here as well, and I'll likely do that at a much more leisurely pace of a single chapter a week. I'm tentatively planning to release the sequel to subscribers only for the duration of the serial, then release it in Creative Commons a few months after I'm finished. (Plans can change, but that's the current plan!)

I'm also continually poking at The Space Roads, which is my oddball second-person space exploration future history that has started to take on a life and multi-arcs of its own, running the gamut of scifi sub-genres. Ideas are spinning! Expect to see more parts in the near future.

On stories in other places (which are under full copyright, just to avoid confusion there!), I have some recent stories in various places:

- "Scripting Diplomacy" in sub-Q MagazineAn autistic diplomat has their first solo mission on a non-human space station. This is an ownvoices interactive fiction game which is a simulation of autistic scripting (and also happens to be a highly accurate simulation of my brain). 

- "Similar" in Tales from the Canyons of the Damned 31: Queer love, loss, and creepy inter-dimensional sculptures that may or may not be alive.

- "Tracing an Original Thought" in Diabolical Plots Year Five: Future noir in a sexless, genderless society where original thoughts are revered, feared, and ultimately used as currency. 

That's all for this roundup! If you'd like to make sure you don't miss anything new coming up, hit the "follow" button on my profile. It's shiny!

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