Installment 14

By Marie Vibbert
Oct 3, 2019 · 1,125 words · 5 minutes

From the author: I don't know how y'all keep putting up with me.

Jaydeen sneaker-slid around the corner just as the class bell rang. Myrtle stepped in her way, raising a hand in greeting.

Jaydeen juked like a professional running back. "Vampire, I do not have time. Some of us are only doing high school once."

Myrtle only had time to shout, "Homecoming! Questions! Ask Nacho!" as the door slammed shut.

Myrtle sighed and kicked a locker. It dented. What were these things, paper? She kicked the wall. Oops, some brick cracked.

She shook her fist at the wall....

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