Installment 12

By Marie Vibbert
Sep 8, 2019 · 1,185 words · 5 minutes

From the author: Thanks for sticking with this. I've passed the point I'd written ahead before I started posting. I do have the plot outlined, but yeah, I'm feeling the work.

It felt a little like ambushing Armwood to go to the computer club meeting, but Myrtle had already messaged Dan, who had sounded happy at the prospect of another hour at the dinner. "Jose called off and every retiree in the county is in here demanding coffee."

The computer club met in an old classroom Myrtle had never been in before, off on a truncated side-corridor by the special ed room and counsellor's office. It was at the end of the stubby hall, up a short ramp, and the walls had a...

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