Installment 4

By Marie Vibbert
Jun 5, 2019 · 1,320 words · 5 minutes

From the author: OMG I let Memorial Day knock me off my Monday-posting habit. Sorry! In this installment... Friends Meet Werewolf!

"Is he okay?" Nacho crept toward the bedroom door. Myrtle had to let go of the crock pot and scurry into his path.

Her left boob popped out and Myrtle hastily re-tucked. "He's fine. Dad… has a fever. He might have fallen. I should check on him. Alone. For… privacy sake."

Thankfully, Emma pulled Nacho back as Myrtle opened the bedroom door the minimum amount to slip into it. Unthankfully, she heard Emma whisper, "Myrtle's dad has boobs!"

Well, that wasn't going to be the harder thing to...

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