Vampires Vs. Maturity Part Twelve

By Marie Vibbert
May 13, 2019 · 978 words · 4 minutes

From the author: They just added this "installment" option on Curious Fictions! I'm going to see if it makes more sense than manually linking the chapters. When last we left Myrtle, she'd decided to deal with her evil ex by being Adult About It(TM). How will that work out for her?

Though she had planned on never admitting it even to herself, Myrtle had charted out Raiden's schedule. She knew his home room and that he had computer class while she was in Algebra. He was in Lunch A and she was in Lunch B and while she was at lunch, he was in Spanish. Considering he was probably learning another language just to flirt with underage girls bilingualy, Myrtle had no qualms about finding him on his way to class and dragging him to the corridor outside the gym.

"We need to...

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