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Vampires Vs. Maturity Part Eleven

By Marie Vibbert · May 6, 2019
2,329 words · 9-minute reading time

From the author: How does Dan react to Myrtle's trouble at school? Will she ever be able to fight her evil ex boyfriend? How's the once-a-week format?

“We’ll see,” Ms. Stacey said. She left Myrtle alone for a few minutes, then came back and held the door open.

Dan was waiting in the outer office with the vice principal. Dan's face was unreadable. Myrtle wished harder than she ever had that vampires and werewolves could talk telepathically.

"We've cleared everything up," the vice principal said, "And there will be no further punishment at this time, but your daughter has to make up the classwork she missed while in counselling."
He looked at her while talking to Dan, like a salesman explaining the features on an appliance. With the same forced cheer and tension, like Dan might interrupt and object that her price was too high. Please, continue to be a patron of our public school, potentially angry parent, we are doing what we can to turn your troubled child into a good one.

Myrtle was sure when she was a kid they were more direct and shouty about these things. Of course, that had been years ago, and no one got called to the...


Marie Vibbert

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  • Karin E S
    May 10, 2:59am

    YES - all the books where so many problems would be avoided if the characters ever just talked to each other. In real life people take the extra 30 seconds to convey important information!! :)