Wordplay: Star Wars Celebration, Rogue One, and Literary SF

By Andrew Liptak
Apr 20, 2019 · 114 words · 1 minute

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From the author: The latest issue of Wordplay is all about Star Wars Celebration, Rogue One, and literary SF.

I sent out the latest issue of Wordplay to subscribers yesterday, in which I recounted Star Wars Celebration and hanging out with other Shoretroopers, a bit about Rogue One, and some rants/thoughts about how the literary genre is simultaneously using / ignoring science fiction as a genre, even as more literary-styled novels are telling what are pretty much science fiction stories.

I’ve also recounted some of what I’ve been read and have been reading. You can read the latest issue here, or read past issues and subscribe here.

Andrew Liptak

Andrew Liptak is the Weekend Editor for The Verge and is a speculative fiction writer from Vermont.