The First Story I Sold

By Curtis C. Chen · Apr 12, 2019
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From the author: Behind the scenes of "At Long Last, Love"

(Feel free to sing that title to the tune of "The First Penis I Saw" from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. YOU'RE WELCOME.)

As promised earlier, here's the first of two FREE stories I'm posting this month:

"At Long Last, Love"

This was the first piece of fiction I actually sold for any money, as shown here. I wrote the first draft off a prompt from The First Line, and when they rejected, I changed some of the names and resubmitted to other markets. Over a year later, it found a home in the small press anthology From the Porch Swing.

Fair warning, this story doesn't have any speculative elements--I suppose the closest it comes to genre is some inside baseball about television production. Hope you enjoy regardless!

Curtis C. Chen

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