The History of Friday Flash Fiction

By Kurt Pankau
Mar 30, 2019 · 322 words · 2 minutes

From the author: Once upon a time I tried something ambitious and stupid. That something was called "Friday Flash Fiction".

Several years ago I was having a nasty SEO problem. A Google search would turn up a page for me on a social network site called Atheist Nexus--which apparently still exists. I was never active on it. I had in fact deleted my page and while I'm not ashamed of or hiding my status a non-religious person, it's not the first thing about yourself that you want revealed to, say, a prospective employer. So I dusted off an old blogger site I had, changed the URL to match my name, killed off most of the posts that had been there, and decided to start generating content for it. But what kind of content?

Well, I'd heard of something called flash fiction, stories that were in the neighborhood of six-hundred words in length. I tried to write one, failed spectacularly, decided it was utterly impossible, and then--because I'm a damned maniac--publicly committed to posting one story of six hundred words or less every week for a year on Friday. This became Friday Flash Fiction. I was able to keep it up for two years, and got good enough at the format that I made my first professional sale with a piece of flash to Daily Science Fiction and had another piece adapted for radio through a Halloween contest. And it also solved my SEO problem. Yay!

It did leave me with about a hundred stories that had all, technically speaking, already been published. I couldn't really sell them. I eventually collected all of those stories into an ebook which has sold roughly twelve copies, all of them to people I know. That ebook has been taken down, because it's been five years now and my writing has gotten a lot better--meaning I read some of those things and just groan. But! I read some of them still really enjoy them. So I'm going to be polishing up some of my favorites and posting them here.

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