About "Vision"...

By Alma Alexander · Mar 15, 2019
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From the author: About "Vision", the story

So - my first story on Curious Fictions.

Sometimes I dream stories. Full, complete stories. In detail.

"Vision" was one of these. It woke me in a cold sweat at five in the morning and it demanded I get up and write it RIGHT NOW - so I got up and sat shivering, barefoot and bleary-eyed, barely able to see the screen (how very appropriate...) and I hammered out the draft in the darkness with only the light from the monitor spilling into the room.

It was eerie. It was almost dictated by a dark spirit.

To me, it is still haunting. I hope it gives you the same glimpse into the uncanny.

(First published in the anthology "Athena's Daughters" in 2014)


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