February 2019 is Fantasy Erotica month!

By KJ Kabza
Feb 23, 2019 · 149 words · 1 minute

From the author: Three of my fantasy erotica stories are posted this month for subscribers only.

In the earlier part of my career, in addition to fantasy and science fiction, I also wrote a few fantasy erotica stories. (Write anything and see what sticks, was my logic at the time; but strangely, although sex sells, I had an easier time selling straight-up SF/fantasy, which is now what I write exclusively.)

In celebration of Valentine's Day this month, I'm reprinting three of my fantasy erotica stories on Curious Fictions--"In Case of Apocalypse," "Switch," and "The Terms of Our Alliance"--for my subscribers only. (Content warnings will appear on the top of each, in case you'd like a reminder and/or that's not what you're into.) All three of these stories also appear in my first self-published ebook omnibus collection, IN PIECES, so if you can't wait to read all three, you can always nab a copy of IN PIECES at any time.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading.


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From a mechanical forest that constructs itself to the streets of Kyoto 8,000 years hence, the sometimes whimsical, sometimes cutting short fiction of KJ Kabza has been dubbed “Delightful” (Locus Online) and “Very clever, indeed” (SFRevu). Collecting all of his work published before May 2011 (plus 5 new stories, notes on the stories, and an interview by Julia Rios), IN PIECES offers glimpses into other worlds—some not unlike your own.

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