An Interview With Zeroboxer Carr Luka

By Fonda Lee
Feb 13, 2019 · 980 words · 4 minutes

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From the author: A character interview with zeroboxer Carr Luka.

Today we’re happy to post an interview with zeroboxing star Carr Luka. Luka was interviewed by the fan feed Float Em while on a publicity tour of Earth sponsored by the Zero Gravity Fighting Association. He answers questions about his career, personal life, and the state of the sport.

Float Em: Thank you for being here Carr. Tell us how your tour is going so far.

Carr Luka: Thanks, its been great. Living on Valtego [city station], there are things you miss about Earth. Its amazing to meet all the fans and aspiring zeroboxers down here too.

FE: Youve really catapulted into the spotlight recently with your recent big wins in the Cube, and now the ZGFA is putting a lot behind your tour. Thats quite a bit to handle for someone still a couple months shy of his eighteenth birthday. How are you dealing with all the sudden attention?

CL: Its been pretty crazy, Ill admit. When it gets kind of overwhelming, I try to remind myself that in the end, it all comes down to what happens in the Cube. Im a newbie at all this touring and marketing stuff, but Ive been fighting in the Cube most of my life, so I try to focus on that.

FE: So why zeroboxing? How did you get your start in the sport?

CL: Im from Toronto and lived on Earth as a kid, so it wasnt an obvious thing for me to get into. I was always into sports and being competitive, and I started gymnastics and kickboxing when I was really young. My coach found me at a local kids tournament and thought I had what it took. So I really owe him for bringing me up to [the orbital gym] Xtreme Xero and believing in me that much.

I used to take the lunar commuter bus to the gym on Thursday afternoon, miss school on Friday, spend the whole three-day weekend training, and fly back down on Monday morning. Thats not including the land training I had during the days I was on Earth. When my tournament schedule got heavy, I had to do remote study and finish homework on flights between events. So yeah, theres a big investment if you want to eventually do it as a career.

FE: Why do you think zeroboxing has really taken off in popularity in the last few years?

CL: Youve got to remember its been a huge sport on Mars for a long time. I think Terrans are really getting into it because weve reached the point where theres now a lot of Earth-born talent coming up through the amateurs into the pros. It took some time for people to stop being gravity-biased when it comes to sports, and to start looking at what the colonies are doing, and going, hey, theres something really great going on here.

FE: There have been a few ZGFA fights cancelled lately due to fighters being caught taking performance enhancing measures. Do you think theres a problem with PEM in the sport, and are the current screening methods sufficient?

CL: Theres definitely a problem, though its not unique to our sport. With the types of nanos and somatic gene procedures we have now, there are just more sophisticated ways than ever to cheat. Screening is important, and I think for the most part the ZGFA takes it really seriously, because they owe it to the zeroboxers and the fans that the fights be clean. 

FE: Do you have any advice for amateur zeroboxers looking to one day fight professionally?

CL: Its different when you get to the pros, for sure. You have more time between fights, and theres a lot more riding on each fight, so you have to be really disciplined about training and able to handle the pressure of the big day. Its also easy to get thrown off by the fact that youre living on Valtego and theres a lot to distract you.

Id say the biggest thing is getting as much time in orbit as you can early on. Having a good space ear is really, really important at this level. Get as much competition experience as you can. You cant rely just on having a good flying game or a good grabbing gamethey both have to be top-notch.

FE: Rumor has it you are dating your brandhelm. Care to confirm or deny it and end the suspense of your female fans?

CL:[laughs] Yeah, my brandhelm Risha and I hit it off pretty quickly. Shes great. Shes half-Martian, so shes totally got that way of giving it to you straight. Its kind of scary how much she can get done. Were both a bit obsessive about what we do, so the other person gets it when were like, head-down intense on something. Theres this great feeling knowing were supporting each other.

FE: What are three little known facts about you that youd like to share with fans?

CL: Ive only thrown up in zero gravity twice, but they were both really epic. I wont go into the details.

I got my Cube name [the Raptor] because my first nickname around the gym was Last Man Standingand my coach was like, That is way too long, hows a fight announcer going to say all that without taking a breath in the middle?My old school mascot was the Falcons, and I was known for being a strong flier, so I thought Id go with that, but my friend Enzo said, Youre more badass than a falcon, youre like a super-falcon. Youre the Raptor.So it stuck.

One other thing, huh? I’m a sucker for key lime pie.


This character interview first appeared as a guest post on Page Turners during the Zeroboxer blog tour (April 2015).

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