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By Yaroslav Barsukov
Dec 30, 2018 · 317 words · 2 minutes

Taken during soundcheck for the TJ Stafford Band at Shine, Boulder, CO.

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Thank you, guys and girls, for dropping by to read my stories! I'm happy to see you here.

But first, the mandatory eligibility bit: "Memory is a Rumor" was published by Metaphorosis in January and is thus eligible for Nebulas, Hugos, and Drunken Basilisk Awards.

Okay, I made that last one up. Still wouldn't mind receiving it, though! Here you go:


Now to the more interesting things. Next month, I'll post a subscriber-only story, "The Road to Babel." It was my second piece written professionally, and my second piece in English. The magazine, The Sockdolager, has since closed. Sadly. It was a beautiful zine, and it has received a lot of love from members of Codex Writers. Maybe it will return one day, who knows?

There's a funny story of how "The Babel" got published (coming up in a separate post). The piece itself is four years old now--and if I wrote it today, I would've done some parts differently, so I'm going to revise it before posting it on Curious Fictions. Consider this a special edition.

My next story is about a man who goes to a djinn to make a wish, but the djinn forces him to say things. The 'conversation' starts with eyebrow-raising statements and ends with a horrifying one. As always with my prose though, it's really about failed relationships and the price tag attached to your decisions. The piece is scheduled to be published in September, so it won't appear here until the last days of 2019.

A lot of time, right? I'll try to keep you entertained with these posts. Next time: my thoughts on our reality & the meta-level of existence as posted on blogs.nature.com. Not sure if you're interested, but here you go anyway :) You always have the chance to bash me in the comments!

Yaroslav Barsukov

Yaroslav Barsukov writes stories that deal with things he himself, thankfully, doesn't have to deal with.