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2018 Books Post

By Premee Mohamed · Dec 17, 2018
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From the author: My 2018 book awards and a bit about what I want to read more of next year!

The year is almost over! I mean, thirteen days left, but I don't think I'm going to finish that many more books? Maybe a handful? It probably won't affect my awards ranking, anyway.

I started tracking books read in 2016, which was a simple two-column document of author and title. Partway through the year I added 'date read' too, and then at the end of the year I went back and added genre. In 2017, curious about what others were posting on Twitter (thank you, social media, great pressure-cooker of public introspection) I added gender and whether the author(s) were a person of colour. And in 2018, I added a general sort of rating (one to five stars) and a comment box. I think this will probably be its final form (as I can't be arsed to add any more columns, and anyway it takes up a sizeable proportion of the monitor already).

In the interests of not writing a ten thousand word review for each book, I'm presenting here three sets of awards: Best Fiction I Read in 2018; Fiction I Liked...


Premee Mohamed

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