By B. Morris Allen
Dec 2, 2018 · 150 words · 1 minute

From the author: So, I'm on Curious Fictions. Thanks for coming to see my work.

Thanks for coming by. I'll be posting stories here every now and then, and I hope you'll read along and enjoy them.

"Start With Stones" came at the end of what I consider my apprenticeship - stories that I liked, but that weren't always as polished as I'd have liked them to be. This was one of the first that really came out close to what I intended.

Of course, it wasn't at all what I originally planned. I' read Patricia McKillip's The Bards of Bone Plain, and I pondered a variant of her story, in which a scholar studying the magic of another land – magic unknown to the inhabitants – masters it, and becomes an inhabitant – somewhat a la Bradbury. However, within the first few paragraphs, the story became a love story instead. The original title, courtesy of John Hiatt, was “(You Gotta Lift Up) Every Stone”.

B. Morris Allen

B. Morris Allen writes speculative stories of love and disaster.