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Featured March 14, 2018

Stephen S. Power

Wire Paladin

2423 words (9 minutes) · 10 likes

Science Fiction

In "Wire Paladin," Stephen S. Power brings to life a surveillance-oriented SearchBot who makes its own judgments -- maybe with a more discerning eye than the humans involved. Stephen is the author of the novel "The Dragon Round," and has published more than 30 speculative fiction stories. His Lightspeed story "Fade to Red" was a notable story/honorable mention in two best-of anthologies.


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Featured March 7, 2018

Effie Seiberg

The Apothecary's Handbook

2208 words (9 minutes) · 12 likes

Science Fiction

“That’s where the trick comes in. Any apothecary can make a good poison. But my work is untraceable art.” San Francisco-based Effie Seiberg was one of our debut featured authors shortly after launch, and now she's back with a story as neatly-constructed as an expert assassin's poison pills. “The Apothecary's Handbook” will keep you on your toes (or off them?). Don't miss it!


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Featured February 28, 2018

Wendy Nikel

A Song to Charm the Beasts

1093 words (4 minutes) · 9 likes


In "A Song to Charm the Beasts," Ofira must play the fiddle to save the one she loves in this wild west retelling of a classic myth, full of hope and loss and howling desert wind. Wendy Nikel, short story sorcerer and tea drinker extraordinaire, recently released a time travel novella called "The Continuum," available from World Weaver Press.


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Featured February 21, 2018

Anatoly Belilovsky

Iron Feliks

2521 words (10 minutes) · 2 likes


Russia’s recent past may be a bit different than you remember in this week’s featured story by Anatoly Belilovsky. Anatoly learned English from Star Trek reruns and went on to become a pediatrician in an area of New York where English is only the fourth most commonly used language. His original and translated work has appeared in NATURE, F&SF, Daily Science Fiction, and many other fine publications.


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Featured February 14, 2018

Edward Ashton

The Sky is Blue, and Bright, and Filled with Stars

4549 words (17 minutes) · 5 likes

Science Fiction

High concept science fiction meets laconic western sensibility in a future at once alien and hauntingly familiar in “The Sky is Blue, and Bright, and Filled with Stars.” With words that crack and an ending that punches right to the heart, this one will stick with you for days. Edward Ashton lives in Rochester, New York, where he studies new cancer therapies by day, and writes about what his research may lead to by night. He’s the author of the novels Three Days in April and The End of Ordinary, as well as several dozen short stories.


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Featured February 7, 2018

Michelle Ann King

Congratulations on Your Apotheosis

3980 words (15 minutes) · 3 likes


“As a life coach, Abby Fowler strongly discouraged magical thinking.” Congratulations on Your Apotheosis is a tale of wit, whimsy, and the perils of getting what you summon an immortal being for. Michelle Ann King lives in Essex by way of East London, and enjoys good Scotch whisky and horror stories by Stephen King (no relation).

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