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Featured January 5, 2018

A.M. Dellamonica

Ruby, in the Storm

8491 words (31 minutes) · 2 likes

Science Fiction

In “Ruby, in the Storm,” A.M. Dellamonica deftly sketches a world where humans and recently-transplanted aliens rub shoulders in near-future Calgary. As tensions rise, themes of belonging, trust, and chosen societies come to the fore. Alyx has published four novels, over forty short stories, and won both the Sunburst and Aurora awards. Subscribe to her work if you’d like to see more, and be warned, afterward you may also want a pet Purvaran stormcloud. Rated R for some sexual content.


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Featured December 26, 2017

Vanessa Fogg


3847 words (14 minutes) · 6 likes

Science Fiction

Happy holidays! We hope everyone's had a chance to disconnect and relax a bit this holiday season. In "Disconnected," Vanessa Fogg imagines a future where always-on neuromods and nanomachines have permanently altered our relationship with technology and each other. Vanessa spent years as a research scientist in molecular cell biology, and now works as a freelance medical writer in western Michigan, where she also dreams of selkies, dragons, and gritty cyberpunk futures.


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Featured December 20, 2017

Rebecca Schwarz


3908 words (15 minutes) · 8 likes

ClassicScience Fiction

Under orders to get out of their mother's hair one quiet Saturday, Ian and Nona take a space walk with unexpected consequences. We love “Flotsam” for its all-too-real blend of sibling bickering, world-building, heart, and hope. Based in Austin, Texas, Rebecca Schwarz is an Editorial Assistant for a scientific journal by day, and science fiction and fantasy writer by night.


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Featured December 1, 2017

Stewart C Baker

Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast

223 words (1 minute) · 8 likes

Science Fiction

This week’s featured story may be short, but it packs a punch. I love “Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast” for its almost eerie rhythmic qualities (and I may be crazy, but reminds me of Radiohead every time). Stewart C Baker, now residing in Oregon (by way of England, South Carolina, Japan, and California), is academic librarian by trade, and has written many fine short stories, several of which can be found right here on Curious Fictions. Give them a read!


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Featured November 17, 2017

Gary Gibson


7935 words (29 minutes) · 3 likes

Science FictionStrange

Ever since Joel’s mother and fiancé died, he’s been obsessed with drawing maps of the utopia he’d imagined as a child. But what happens when strangers around the world start to recognize it? Enjoy a longer read this weekend by Gary Gibson, a science fiction novelist with several books out by Tor UK, and be sure to tip if you like it!


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Featured November 9, 2017

Kate Heartfield

The Semaphore Society

2989 words (11 minutes) · 7 likes

Science Fiction

The talented Kate Heartfield of Ottawa, Canada brings us “The Semaphore Society,” a story with something for everyone: near-future technology, a new written language born of need and creativity, suspense, and perhaps the most relatable feeling of all... social anxiety on the internet. Give it a read!

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