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Featured February 14, 2018

Edward Ashton

The Sky is Blue, and Bright, and Filled with Stars

4549 words (17 minutes) · 5 likes

Science Fiction

High concept science fiction meets laconic western sensibility in a future at once alien and hauntingly familiar in “The Sky is Blue, and Bright, and Filled with Stars.” With words that crack and an ending that punches right to the heart, this one will stick with you for days. Edward Ashton lives in Rochester, New York, where he studies new cancer therapies by day, and writes about what his research may lead to by night. He’s the author of the novels Three Days in April and The End of Ordinary, as well as several dozen short stories.


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Featured February 7, 2018

Michelle Ann King

Congratulations on Your Apotheosis

3980 words (15 minutes) · 3 likes


“As a life coach, Abby Fowler strongly discouraged magical thinking.” Congratulations on Your Apotheosis is a tale of wit, whimsy, and the perils of getting what you summon an immortal being for. Michelle Ann King lives in Essex by way of East London, and enjoys good Scotch whisky and horror stories by Stephen King (no relation).


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Featured January 30, 2018

Matt Dovey

The Ghosts of Europa Will Keep You Trapped in a Prison You Make for Yourself

2113 words (8 minutes) · 5 likes

Science Fiction

Watch far-future technology and wistful humanity collide in Matt Dovey's “The Ghosts of Europa Will Keep You Trapped in a Prison You Make for Yourself.” Reality slides off kilter in this slightly eerie story in the best of ways: don't miss it! Matt Dovey is very tall, very English, and as he puts it, most likely drinking a cup of tea right now.


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Featured January 23, 2018

A. Merc Rustad

To the Monsters, With Love

988 words (4 minutes) · 7 likes


A sharp, glittering ode to those accustomed to being unseen or different, “To the Monsters, With Love” embraces that difference with fangs and scales. We love Merc’s stories not just for their gorgeous imagery, but for the love and empathy for the characters that comes through so well. You can read more from Merc and support their work on their <a href="">Curious Fictions author page</a>.


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Featured January 15, 2018

Matthew Claxton

The Remora

5018 words (19 minutes) · 5 likes

HumorMysterySatireScience Fiction

In kaleidoscopic science fiction satire “The Remora,” insurance loss-prevention agent Fitz dodges the clutches of hacked InvestiBears™ and bank-robbing androids, all while tolerating the peanut-gallery musings of a comm-link voyeur. Author Matthew Claxton hails from British Columbia, and holds firm opinions on dinosaurs, faster-than-light travel, and the Oxford comma.


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Featured January 5, 2018

A.M. Dellamonica

Ruby, in the Storm

8491 words (31 minutes) · 2 likes

Science Fiction

In “Ruby, in the Storm,” A.M. Dellamonica deftly sketches a world where humans and recently-transplanted aliens rub shoulders in near-future Calgary. As tensions rise, themes of belonging, trust, and chosen societies come to the fore. Alyx has published four novels, over forty short stories, and won both the Sunburst and Aurora awards. Subscribe to her work if you’d like to see more, and be warned, afterward you may also want a pet Purvaran stormcloud. Rated R for some sexual content.

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