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Featured August 7, 2018

A.C. Wise

Final Girl Theory

4767 words (18 minutes) · 6 likes


An obsessive fan of a cult-status horror film tracks down the star decades later, and learns more than he expected. A disturbing tale about a disturbing tale, and an exploration into the complicated relationship between artist, story, and fan, “Final Girl Theory” will keep you thinking long after it’s over. In addition to collections of short stories and a forthcoming novella, A.C. Wise also contributes nonfiction columns to Apex and Book Smugglers, drawing particular attention to women and non-binary writers.


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Featured July 31, 2018

Wendy Nikel

The Six Hundred Universes of Jenny Zars

2059 words (8 minutes) · 4 likes

HumorScience Fiction

In a thousand different universes, the possibilities to remake your life might as well be endless. Wendy Nikel, crack author and tea aficionado, creates beautifully-constructed, gem-like short stories. Read fifteen of them on Curious Fictions.


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Featured July 24, 2018

Edward Ashton

Vernal Fall

839 words (4 minutes) · 5 likes

FantasyLiterary Fiction

Wait. Stop. Rewind. If technology allowed, how many times would you relive a tragic, pivotal moment in your life? What if you weren’t even there for it? Author Edward Ashton strikes again with this hair-raising piece of flash fiction.


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Featured July 18, 2018

Shweta Adhyam

The Warrior and the Sage

5715 words (21 minutes) · 2 likes


When a village mountain disappears under the cover of darkness with her friend on board, a young girl gets the chance to be the heroine she'd always dreamed of being—but it's not quite what she’d imagined. Author Shweta Adhyam grew up in Madras and now lives in Seattle, and was a 2017 attendee of Clarion West.


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Featured July 4, 2018

Wendy Nikel

Lava Cake for the Apocalypse

855 words (4 minutes) · 3 likes

Science Fiction

What’s the recipe for a world worth saving? This “Lava Cake for the Apocalypse” may taste bittersweet. Author Wendy Nikel is a managing editor at Flash Fiction Online, winner of the Baen Memorial Award, and has over a dozen stories available on Curious Fictions. Go explore some stories!


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Featured June 24, 2018

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Writing for the End of the World

1029 words (4 minutes) · 6 likes

HumorLiterary FictionScience Fiction

In an isolated cabin at the edge of civilization, a writer is charged with fending off the apocalypse, one sheet of paper at a time. Originally from Puerto Rico, author Karlo Yeager Rodríguez now resides in Baltimore with his partner and very eccentric dog.

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