Story of the Week: December 1

Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast

By Stewart C Baker

Science Fiction

223 words (1 minute) · 5 likes

This week’s featured story may be short, but it packs a punch. I love “Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast” for its almost eerie rhythmic qualities (and I may be crazy, but reminds me of Radiohead every time). Stewart C Baker, now residing in Oregon (by way of England, South Carolina, Japan, and California), is academic librarian by trade, and has written many fine short stories, several of which can be found right here on Curious Fictions. Give them a read!

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Featured November 17, 2017

Gary Gibson


7935 words (29 minutes) · 3 likes

Science FictionStrange

Ever since Joel’s mother and fiancé died, he’s been obsessed with drawing maps of the utopia he’d imagined as a child. But what happens when strangers around the world start to recognize it? Enjoy a longer read this weekend by Gary Gibson, a science fiction novelist with several books out by Tor UK, and be sure to tip if you like it!

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short story

Featured November 9, 2017

Kate Heartfield

The Semaphore Society

2989 words (11 minutes) · 6 likes

Science Fiction

The talented Kate Heartfield of Ottawa, Canada brings us “The Semaphore Society,” a story with something for everyone: near-future technology, a new written language born of need and creativity, suspense, and perhaps the most relatable feeling of all... social anxiety on the internet. Give it a read!

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short story

Featured November 2, 2017

Benjamin C. Kinney

The First Confirmed Case of Non-Corporeal Recursion: Patient Anita R.

3443 words (13 minutes) · 4 likes


We have one more ghost story to share with you before we say goodbye to Halloween. This one may make you wonder: who says we can't change our fate after death? Benjamin C. Kinney is a writer and neuroscientist who loves to explore the intersection of science and faith, and the human and inhuman mind, and it sure shows in this story. Give it a read! If you like it, leave a tip, comment, or share with friends.

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short story

Featured October 27, 2017

Laura Pearlman

Why I Hate Zombie Unicorns

1651 words (7 minutes) · 4 likes


It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for a story to crawl under your skin. Though the title may say zombie unicorns, this story is one part humorous, two parts creepy, and three parts haunting (can zombies haunt?). Laura Pearlman, purveyor of bad ideas and excellent vocabulary, lives in California with two cats and no unicorns. Note: this story contains disturbing themes and may not be appropriate for younger readers.

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flash fiction

Featured October 19, 2017

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Every Orphan Child to a Good Home Should Go

928 words (4 minutes) · 4 likes


Familiar tales are not always what they seem. Enjoy a different spin on wicked stepparents with this week's story, “Every Orphan Child to a Good Home Should Go,” by Karlo Yeager Rodríguez. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Karlo now lives and writes in Baltimore, Maryland.

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