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What is Curious Fictions?

Curious Fictions exists to help more authors make a living on the work they do.

By invitation only, professional authors can sign up and create profile pages, publish their newsletters and story reprints, and start accepting payments from their followers in minutes. Are you an author? Request an invitation here or email us at authors@curiousfictions.com.

Who is eligible for an author account?

We use similar membership requirements as SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America): authors are eligible to join Curious Fictions if they’ve published at least one piece of fiction at professional rates (8¢ a word or more for short fiction, or $3,000 or more for novel-length work). We may request proof of income for self-published work.

If you’re not sure if you qualify or have questions about applying, email us at authors@curiousfictions.com.

How much does it cost?

Authors are never charged. Curious Fictions keeps 25% of reader payments, which includes all credit card processing and hosting fees.

Are payments secure?

Payments are processed using Stripe, a secure payment processor. Credit card and bank information is not stored by Curious Fictions.

What countries are supported?

Currently, readers can make credit card payments from anywhere in the world, but to accept payments, authors must be located in one of these 25 countries.

Do I retain the rights to my story?

Yes, all rights remain with the author, and we require no exclusivity. We might use excerpts of your story to promote it to readers (for example, via email or social media) as long as it's on our site, but you can remove it at any time. If we ever consider other forms of publishing (for example, audio recordings or print anthologies), we'll contact you for permission (and to discuss any separate terms) first.

Can I take my story down once I've posted it?

Yes! You're under no obligation to keep your story up once you've posted it on Curious Fictions, and can remove it at any time you like.

What are posts?

Posts work much like newsletters or blogs: you can post anything you want, whether it's announcements or microfiction or story notes.

Who can see my posts?

Each post can be visible to the public, or exclusive to your paid subscribers.

How do author subscriptions work?

Readers can subscribe to you from your author page to contribute to your work and get updates on your stories and posts.

How do site subscriptions work?

People can also subscribe to their likes and featured stories for $5-$15 a month at https://curiousfictions.com/subscribe.

I write under a pseudonym; will people see my legal name?

Not unless you want them to! You'll create one (or more) author profiles when posting your stories, and whatever pen name you use will appear as the byline on the story, and on readers' credit card statements.

Who are you?

We're a very small company based in San Francisco, California. Check out our About page to learn more.

Can I make a suggestion/feature request/tell you about a bug?

Yes! Use this form to note any issues. We may not always be able to implement things right away, but we'll make a note of it and get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you take artwork?

Not yet, but we're very interested in it! Contact us at art@curiousfictions.com if you'd like to be notified if/when we do.

I have more questions!

You're welcome to contact me with any other questions you have. Thank you for your time and interest!

- Tanya Breshears, Founder