Lyonesse volume 1

Lyonesse Volume 1

By C. L. Werner

A digest complied of heroic fantasy stories from the online webzine Lyonesse. My contribution to this first volume is 'Shini-tai' which sees Shintaro Oba helping a sumotori to survive long enough to challenge the yokozuna at a wrestling bout that could change the spiritual landscape of Mu-Thulan and make things harder for the demons that infest the empire.

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Published Oct 4, 2020 · 13,833 words (51 minutes) · 243 views

Fantasy Monsters reprint Samurai Ninja Shintaro Oba sumo

Demon-hunting samurai Shintaro Oba takes it upon himself to protect Sentoryu, a young wrestler ready to challenge the yokozuna. On the path to the sumo match, the entourage is beset by fearsome monsters and a murderous ninja determined to stop them.