Ar roil


By Trent Jamieson

Shale is dying. A vast, chaotic, monster-bearing storm known only as the Roil is expanding, consuming the land. Where once there were twelve great cities, now only four remain, and their borders are being threatened by the growing cloud of darkness. The last humans are fighting back with ever more bizarre new machines. But one by one the defences are failing. And the Roil continues to grow.

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Porcelain Salli

Published Mar 25, 2020 · 3,884 words (15 minutes) · 161 views

Science Fiction Post Human Dorothy Gale Wizard of Oz Star ships sprung with the flicking of wrists A rain of spores Coral Wars

Alarm bells rang. Common enough in a state of Anthozoan war. Tocsins echoing: warning of collisions imminent or induline spore clouds and polyps drifting and falling like death. But this clamour was different, urgent and strange.