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Heart of Brass

By KJ Kabza

Dr. Jameson H. Dashiell, inventor of over 20 unique sex Machines designed to “safely treat and tame lascivious desire,” must find a way to treat the beautiful and insatiable Lady Gallantine without losing his professional self-control—or losing his life at the hands of her father, the suspicious and overbearing Duke.

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Fiction Series: Complete 4 Chapters

Heart of Brass

Updated May 31, 2019 · 10,755 words (40 minutes) · 127 views

Fantasy Love steampunk serial happy ending erotica

Dr. Jameson H. Dashiell is the owner and proprietor of The Chastarium, a medical center that houses extraordinary machines designed to safely treat and tame lascivious desire. But the arrival of the gorgeous Lady Gallantine as a client tests his professional resolve. He may be able to keep her treatment a secret from her overbearing father, the Duke, but can he keep the secret of his own arousal as she undergoes her first (and very thorough…) treatment under his watch? (Warning: erotica.)