Moore flashes of illumination 133x200

Flashes of Illumination

By Nancy Jane Moore

When we started Book View Cafe, I posted a flash fiction every week. About half of them were reprints, but the other half were written on deadline. This collection includes all of them.

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How to Deal With the Coming Crisis

Published Mar 16, 2020 · 776 words (3 minutes) · 353 views

Fantasy Satire superstitions pandemic worry

This story was written during an earlier, and much less dangerous, pandemic. The ideas underlying it are far too relevant. It's based on my personal superstition that if I worry about something it won't happen. That is, of course, ridiculous, but the fact that I know that doesn't keep me from worrying and hoping that worrying will be enough. Stay home if you can, wash your hands, and keep your distance if you must go outside.



Smile, Baby

Published Dec 8, 2019 · 525 words (2 minutes) · 340 views

Humor Satire Feminism smile catcalls driver

It's amazing how many people think it's their job to tell women to smile. The twist at the end of this story is also true.




Published Aug 23, 2019 · 985 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 425 views

Literary Fiction Cake Feminism football

I did, in fact, see a woman with a cake balanced on her head going up the escalator at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. Some weeks later, I saw her again on the sidewalk. I never had the nerve to speak to her, so I wrote this story instead.




Published Jul 12, 2019 · 359 words (2 minutes) · 461 views

Classic Mother/daughter flash memoir spinster

This story is about my mother and me. It's flash memoir, not fiction, though of course all memoir is filtered through time and likely has fictional elements. It's an old story. I'm still technically a spinster, but I'm also in a committed relationship. The picture is of my mother at the age of 23. My mother loved this story. I never showed it to my father.




Published Jun 17, 2019 · 846 words (4 minutes) · 491 views

Fantasy Satire slipstream climate crisis

This story grew out of the weather alerts I got when I lived in Washington, D.C. Given the onslaught of weather disasters -- I was on a train traveling through thunderstorms and floods in the Midwest this summer and just talked to someone who lost things in a recent relatively small wildfire out here in California -- I'm not sure this story qualifies as speculative fiction anymore. But we can hope it does.



Alternate Explanation

Published May 11, 2019 · 115 words (1 minute) · 1 like · 492 views

Humor Historical flash fiction Shakespeare

This is a very, very short story from back in the early days of Book View Cafe when I was publishing a flash fiction every week (eventually collected in Flashes of Illumination). I was inspired to post it by this article in The Atlantic.



Phone Call Overheard on the Subway

Published Apr 10, 2019 · 199 words (1 minute) · 2 likes · 494 views

Fantasy slipstream modern life

I swear I heard a conversation very much like this one while traveling to work on the Washington DC Metro. It could be that I hadn't had quite enough coffee that morning.