Magic mischief mayhem cover

Magic, Mischief & Mayhem: A collection of magical works

By S. N. Arly

Between childhood and adulthood lie the greatest adventures of wonder. The heroes and heroines of these seven stories embark on fantastical journeys of discovery and growth as they find out just who they are, what world they live in, and what their destinies are. Along the way, evil and not-so-evil obstacles stand in their way and magic, for better or worse, plays a major role in each of their adventures.

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A Gift of Sky

Published Apr 25, 2019 · 7,603 words (28 minutes) · 1 like · 599 views

Fantasy young adult Young Adult Fantasy Elemental magic

The sky folk live in grand tree houses in the great forest. Even as young children, they can understand the winds and soar into the sky with no need for wings. Thirteen-year-old Shya isn't like her brothers and sisters, and the tribe treats her as an invalid, a child cursed with a weak third spirit. A visit from a traveling band of fire folk brings the promise of change and hope.



Dragon Tale

Published Feb 15, 2019 · 2,273 words (9 minutes) · 567 views

Fantasy Dragons Mythological creatures

On a hot summer day, a dragon encounters a maiden and a knight in the forest. But neither dragons nor knights are quite as the tales depict them.