Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis

Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis is writing weird fantasy and science fiction.

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Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis is a SFF writer from Eastern Washington state, where he grew up playing make-believe in the same desert that houses the most polluted nuclear waste site in America. His fiction has also appeared in Deep Magic, Writers of the Future 34, and The Overcast.

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Her Silver Chains

Published Mar 7, 2019 · 1,189 words (5 minutes) · 777 views

Fantasy Horror Freedom fairy tale werewolves flash fiction Feminism Sisters

Each month, Klara must spend a night in the keeping room. The latch is wrought iron, and unlocked. It is too complex for claws, and who in their right mind would release a virgin under the full moon? 

Audio Available


Shot in Dali, China



The Game of Games

Published Feb 2, 2019 · 3,999 words (15 minutes) · 723 views

Fantasy Horror Mystery deal with the devil pirates magical gambling deck of many things tarot Strange ghosts

In the game of games you might win anything from wealth to godhood, but the wise consider what they might lose.




The Broken Karwaneer

Published Feb 2, 2019 · 7,284 words (27 minutes) · 740 views

Fantasy Horror found family endurance Strange survival apocalyptic magic trauma

A story of survival in a fantasy world coming apart at the seams.