Shane Halbach

Shane Halbach writes whatever he feels like: humorous science fiction, fantasy, magical realism when it strikes his fancy, even a touch of horror

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Shane Halbach lives in Chicago, where he writes software by day and avoids writing stories by night. His fiction has appeared in Analog, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and The Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction, among others. He blogs at, or can be found on Twitter @shanehalbach.

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Published Mar 27, 2019 · 3,286 words (12 minutes) · 103 views

Fantasy Peter Pan Captain Hook Neverland

Peter Pan was kind of a dick. Neverland exists solely so Peter Pan can play out his fantasies. He wants adventures, so he gets pirates...regardless of what the pirates think of the matter. Even if the pirates were real people with real lives, and people who cared for them, and maybe, just maybe hoping for one more chance to redeem themselves from some really terrible deeds. Too bad! Neverland is a paradise, but only as long as you’re Peter. If you’re a pirate, it’s a fate worse than death.

Even Pirates Enjoy Sunsets



Published Mar 4, 2019 · 5,431 words (20 minutes) · 1 like · 106 views

Mystery Science Fiction spy invisibility

When a criminal suspect is murdered by an invisible assassin, who better to get to the bottom of it than an invisible secret agent?

Car with Golden and Yellow bokeh


Grant My Powder Be Dry and My Aim Be True

Published Feb 19, 2019 · 6,149 words (23 minutes) · 113 views

Fantasy old gods New Gods gunpowder

A man awakens naked in a forest with no memory and no clues to his identity. he displays mysterious powers during a fight with bandits, and the swordswoman Lyse agrees to help him discover who, or what, he is. The answers may be more than they bargained for, when strange warriors capture them for unknown purposes. In time, the two learn that gods sometimes control the world less than they like, and the world is a changing place. Some gods prefer things the way they were.


Downsizing Pluto

Published Feb 4, 2019 · 683 words (3 minutes) · 135 views

Fantasy Humor old gods pluto fired

I wondered, “What will happen to the Roman god Pluto, now that his planet isn’t a planet anymore?” Call me old fashioned, but I believe that all physical phenomenon in our world can be explained by the antics of powerful, supernatural beings. Obviously the god wasn’t hurt by the downgrade of the planet; the god was downgraded and the planet followed suit. That's more believable than a couple of scientists got together and decided that something we all agreed was a planet wasn’t a planet anymore.

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Lullabies for a Clockwork Child

Published Jan 23, 2019 · 952 words (4 minutes) · 2 likes · 92 views

Horror Love Murder fatherhood

This story is about how love can make you blind, how you always want the best for your children, and why you should never, never wind that mainspring.

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Random Play All and the League of Awesome

Published Jan 17, 2019 · 4,908 words (18 minutes) · 90 views

Fantasy Humor superheros young adult trivial super powers

I have always been a huge fan of superheros, but I never liked the idea of guys like Superman or Thor. I don’t want an unstoppable goody-two shoes. Show me a guy who doesn’t have it so easy. Show me a guy with just a *little* bit of power, and the wit and courage to use that little bit at just the right moment to make a *huge* difference.

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Samsung phones Google play


Human in the Loop

Published Jan 10, 2019 · 1,627 words (6 minutes) · 98 views

Science Fiction artificial intelligence machine learning war drones

If an automated vehicle had a crash, say, and someone dies, who is responsible? The “driver” who was behind the wheel at the time? The manufacturer who perhaps installed faulty software? The regulatory agency who allowed these vehicles on the road? The software developer who wrote the algorithm? What about in the case of emergent behavior; actions that were not explicitly programmed by anybody but instead emerged organically from an artificial neural network?

DJI Phantom


An Engineered Product

Published Jan 7, 2019 · 868 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 138 views

Humor Science Fiction genetic engineering cows

Sometimes the future is actually the past


My Heart is a Quadratic Equation

Published Jan 4, 2019 · 1,568 words (6 minutes) · 1 like · 112 views

Humor Science Fiction Love mad scientist

Even mad scientists need love.

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What else can you expect after a marathon of Electric Dream, Altered Carbon, Blade Runner and THX.
Models name is Mia you can find her on IG @awmammamia .


Exit Strategy

Published Jan 3, 2019 · 4,382 words (16 minutes) · 100 views

Fantasy dragon heist

“Exit Strategy” is Ocean’s Eleven meets High Fantasy. What happens when a dwarf, a mage, and a thief conspire to steal a dragon’s horde? The same things that always happen during a heist: complications, quick improvisation, and double crosses. Oh, and did I mention the dragon?

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