Thomas Parrott

Tom is creating SFF genre fiction, with just a little audience participation for that extra spice.

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Tom is a freelance author best known for his work in tie-in fiction. He has worked with Black Library and Aconyte Books. He is currently credited with six published short stories and one novella (Isha's Lament).

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Setting Dive - the Sundering War

Published Sep 15, 2020 · 2,142 words (8 minutes) · 3 likes · 192 views

Fantasy map setting information

Additional information about the setting of the Sundering War series.





Watch the Flank (Sundering War 1)

Published Sep 1, 2020 · 4,627 words (17 minutes) · 9 likes · 33 views

Fantasy mecha Military Fantasy

Bond-Pilot Leyna Raskin has the mundane task of watching the flank of her regiment's march to Fort Rigour. But war is full of the unexpected, and simple duties can get complicated fast...


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