Jo Miles

Jo Miles writes science fiction and fantasy with a big dollop of hope.

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Jo Miles writes short stories and novels that span the spectrum of speculative fiction genres, almost always with an optimistic bent. Their stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Analog, Nature Futures, and Fireside, among other places. Jo lives in Maryland, and they've attended the Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox writers workshops. When they're not writing, Jo works with nonprofits on digital marketing and advocacy, and serves the whims of her two cats.

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What Monsters Prowl Above the Waves

Published Sep 23, 2020 · 1,264 words (5 minutes) · 56 views

Fantasy Science Fiction tentacles Octopus

An explorer ventures onto dry land for the first time, not knowing what strange sights and wild beasts they might encounter.


I got caught up in a raging thunderstorm and took shelter under this overhang in the very desolate and empty ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon. This is one of the best-preserved "Wild West" ghost towns in the United States, complete with the old boardwalks from cowboy times.



And the Universe Waited

Published Jul 7, 2020 · 1,737 words (7 minutes) · 139 views

Science Fiction first contact

Patience is necessary when you're on the other end of the Fermi Paradox.


Ocean clouds seen from space