Danie Ware

Writer of speculative fiction, steadfast ignorer of genre boundaries everywhere.

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Danie Ware is a single working Mum with long-held interests in role-playing, re-enactment, vinyl art toys and personal fitness. She went to all all-boys' public school, gained an English degree from UEA, and spent most of her twenties clobbering her friends with an assortment of steel cutlery. These days, she juggles writing books and raising a teenager with working for Forbidden Planet (London) Ltd. In those rare times when she's not writing, working, or on manoeuvres with her son, she usually falls over exhausted. Danie is the author of the critically acclaimed Ecko series, published by Titan Books and Children of Artifice, an LBGT science fantasy, published by Fox Spirit Books. She writes Sisters of Battle for the Black Library, and Judge Anderson for Rebellion Publishing, and she has had short stories published in numerous anthologies. She lives in Carshalton, south London, with her son and two cats.

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Fiction Series: Ongoing 11 Chapters


Updated Jun 28, 2020 · 47,987 words (175 minutes) · 1240 views

Fantasy Science Fiction vision quest culture shock fantasy epic fantasy genre mashup cyberpunk genre bending london ecko lugan

Seven years ago, Ecko's program came to an end. But the outlaw cybertech called 'Mom' keeps a very close eye on her creations, and now she's saying that Ecko has survived. And she needs Lugan to go back and find him.


Photography of body of water and mountains 1544880



The Fall of Night

Published May 15, 2020 · 1,079 words (4 minutes) · 140 views

Fantasy Historical white wolf historial fantasy vampire Gaming vampire the masquerade role-playing world of darkness

A piece RPG fiction, left over from an old White Wolf/Vampire the Masquerade campaign. A letter from a Clan Brujah elder to his Childe, upon the waking of Troile.