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P.G. Galalis loves to spin a good yarn, usually with an sf twist.

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I’m a writer of speculative fiction and other things. I’ve been imagining stories my whole life and occasionally writing them down. My fiction has appeared in Diabolical Plots and Galaxy’s Edge Magazine. I’m also a member of SFWA and the Codex Writers’ Group. In addition to writing, I enjoy a career teaching high school English, being a dad, and drinking coffee to sustain all the writing, teaching, and parenting. I live with my family near Boston, MA.

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Dear Parents, Your Child Is Not the Chosen One

Published Mar 7, 2020 · 2,250 words (9 minutes) · 227 views

Fantasy Humor Satire chosen one dark lord epistolary magic School Teacher

The selected letters of a put upon magic school teacher to the parents of one Rodney Goodblood, unacceptably average student. (Originally published in Diabolical Plots, 2019)


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