Matthew Castleman

Matt Castleman writes strange adventures, imaginative tales and serialized swashbuckling.

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Matthew Castleman is a writer and stage actor from New York City, currently residing in the event horizon of the American bizarro vortex, Washington, DC. Like everyone else, he started making up stories and speaking in weird character voices at a young age. Unlike most reasonable people, he stubbornly refused to do anything else as he grew up. He trained as an actor at Oberlin College while teaching himself to write with whatever free time he found. Since then, he's acted up and down the Eastern Seaboard with a speciality in Shakespeare. He's published fiction long and short, some under his own name and some under the name M.E. Castle. He blogs about science fiction, theater, the imagination, and whatever else comes to his weird brain at

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Privateers of Mars

By Matthew Castleman

Privateers of Mars is my newly published, long-awaited novella of Solar System cold war, atomic swashbuckling, and companionship in the dark of space. For fans of The Mandalorian, Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, and The Expanse!

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