Nathan Susnik

Nathan writes stories that often swim the estuaries of tragedy and comedy.

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Nathan has been many things in his life: a pole vaulter, a Mississippi paddlewheel steamboat deckhand, a molecular biology researcher. He is currently a medical writer and editor living with his family near Hanover, Germany. You can find his fiction in markets such as Escape Pod, PodCastle, Cast of Wonders, and Shoreline of Infinity.

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River and Sea

Published Mar 9, 2020 · 533 words (2 minutes) · 79 views

Fantasy Science Fiction Historical flash fiction

The clockwork deckhand has been decommissioned. But what if he could go back to the time when steamboats ruled the river? Steampunk flash fiction inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes.


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Featured January 8, 2020



The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)

Published Jan 6, 2020 · 2,931 words (11 minutes) · 5 likes · 430 views

Humor Science Fiction virtual reality Humour

Lauren’s state-of-the-art iPerceive unit represents the latest in perception-smoothing technology. But when it starts to malfunction one weekday morning, she’ll learn just how much of her reality is a lie. 

Don’t miss this story The Guardian called a standout in an already strong collection from Shoreline of Infinity. Author Nathan Susnik is a medical writer and editor living with his family near Hanover, Germany. He’s new to Curious Fictions, so give him a warm welcome.


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Things from Long Ago

Published Jan 6, 2020 · 504 words (2 minutes) · 5 likes · 97 views

Fantasy superhero Superheroes fabulism Southern Gothic Bildungsroman

A tiny origin story of a different type of superhero, written in Southern Gothic style...


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Siegfried 2.0

Published Dec 3, 2019 · 706 words (3 minutes) · 2 likes · 163 views

Fantasy Humor Satire Science Fiction urban fantasy flash fiction Dragons

You slay a dragon like you catch a bird. But you’ll need oodles more smarts and stamina to slay a dragon.


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