Ephiny Gale

Ephiny Gale writes speculative fiction of many flavours, often with generous helpings of strangeness, female characters, and queer content.

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Ephiny Gale is the author of more than two dozen published short stories and novelettes that have appeared in publications including 'GigaNotoSaurus', 'Daily Science Fiction', and 'Aurealis'. Her stories have been awarded the Sundress Publications' Best of the Net award and the Syntax & Salt Editor's Award. Much of her short fiction has been recently collected in 'Next Curious Thing'.

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Featured September 13, 2019



Little Freedoms

Published Sep 7, 2019 · 4,942 words (18 minutes) · 5 likes · 368 views

Fantasy Science Fiction futuristic prison competition

In a dystopian prison, eight women known only by the small comforts they most miss from home (Chocolate, Music, Flowers, Cigarettes, Hot Chips, Internet, Guns, and Privacy) compete for their freedom in a series of cryptic challenges.

Author and playwright Ephiny Gale lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has published more than two dozen short stories and novelettes in Aurealis, Daily Science Fiction, Syntax & Salt, and many more.





As Long as We Both Shall Live and After, Too

Published Jul 20, 2019 · 686 words (3 minutes) · 1 like · 95 views

Science Fiction sapphic lgbtq+ Grief android queer cloning hopeful

"Before she dies to save us both, my wife shears off a chunk of her hair, thrusts it into my hands and tells me to take care of the cat."


female head from behind