Andi C. Buchanan

Queers in space, evil plants, found families, dead sea creatures, and reading recommendations!

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I'm a writer and editor based near Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. My novella From a Shadow Grave (Paper Road Press, 2019) uses a historical murder to explore lives and possibilities across a range of genres. My short story "Girls Who Do Not Drown" (Apex, 2018) won a Sir Julius Vogel Award, and I was named on the Otherwise/Tiptree Award Honour List for my editing work.

Each month I will be posting writing updates, a short story (new or reprint), an extract from a longer work or current project, and themed reading recommendations.

I like reading and writing about queers in space, evil plants, found families, and dead sea creatures.

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Water Pressure - an extract

Published Feb 17, 2020 · 585 words (3 minutes) · 5 views

Mystery Science Fiction

This month's extract is a very rough draft - from the first of what I hope will become a series of science fiction/detective novellas.


To the sea



And still the forests grow though we are gone

Published Jan 22, 2020 · 4,969 words (19 minutes) · 3 likes · 107 views

Science Fiction plant apocalypse aotearoa kelp botany

There are just a few who refuse to evacuate. And now the forests are closing in.


Captured on a low tide free dive in Laguna Beach. The tide was so low that kelp was floating on the surface making it hard to navigate but also quite beautiful.



Invisible City - an extract

Published Jan 3, 2020 · 1,580 words (6 minutes) · 40 views

Fantasy Science Fiction time travel trauma war

Each month I'll be sharing an extract from a longer work; sometimes published, sometimes in progress. This is from an older novelette, but one that's still important to me.

Persson Catao is making a map. A map of the city where he was born and where he spent his youth fighting against a brutal regime.

A city that never existed.






Published Jul 13, 2019 · 877 words (4 minutes) · 76 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction Science Fiction


Stranded on a green planet